Thursday, December 1, 2022

Fishing Report

The lower Potomac River continues to be a major draw for anglers in the lower Bay. Anglers are allowed to keep two striped bass larger than 20 inches per day from the tidal Potomac River. The striped bass are holding along the main channel edges on the Virginia and Maryland sides from the Route 301 Bridge south to the mouth of the river. 

The lower Patuxent River and both sides of the shipping channel are also holding striped bass along the channel edges. They are suspended about 25 feet to 35 feet below the surface Cedar Point, Cove Point, and the main channel in Tangier Sound are also holding striped bass. Additionally, there is still some shallow water action in Tangier and Pocomoke sounds where anglers are casting paddletails with good success. 

Anglers will need to use jigs of one ounce or more to reach the deep-water fish, depending on current and wind conditions. Those trolling umbrella rigs or tandem rigged bucktails will need to employ heavy inline weights to reach the depths where the fish are holding. White and chartreuse are popular colors for lures, bucktails and sassy shads.

White perch are holding close to the bottom at the mouths of the Patuxent, Potomac, and Nanticoke rivers and in Tangier Sound. Once the fish are located on a depth finder it will take a couple ounces of lead to reach the 40-foot depths. Bottom rigs baited with pieces of bloodworm are a popular way to catch them.

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Fishing Report

The lower Potomac River continues to be a big draw for lower Bay anglers this week. The excellent fishing there for striped bass and the two...