Thursday, November 12, 2020

Fishing Report

The lower Potomac River channel edges, from the general area of Piney Point to St. George Island and down to Point Lookout, is one of the best places to fish this week for striped bass that exceed 20 inches in length. Trolling those channel edges has been one of the most popular ways to fish this week. It can be a tough way to fish at times, with stout tackle inline weights as heavy as 14 ounces and umbrella rigs, but it does catch fish. The striped bass tend to be suspended at about 25 feet to 30 feet along the channel edges. Another trolling option is to pull single or tandem rigged bucktails dressed with twister tails or sassy shads and single paddle tails, with a light amount of weight on light to medium tackle in shallower waters.

When good marks are found on a depth finder or one finds breaking fish, light tackle jigging can be a fun alternative to trolling. Soft plastics have been the most popular way to jig lately; these days you do not hear too much about metal jigs, which were the standard for many years. The color combinations are white and variations of pearl and sparkles. Many are also having very good luck casting paddle tails near shoreline structure in the morning and evening hours.

There are other trolling and jigging options at the mouth of the Patuxent River, the edges of the shipping channel near Cove Point, and the eastern side of the shipping channel. Diving seagulls and breaking fish can be spotted now and then and always an exciting scene to come upon. The Target Ship and Tangier Sound have been a recent scene of this exciting action. The surface fish are usually undersized striped bass but not always and jigging or trolling deep under the surface action.

The lower Patuxent River, Tangier Sound and the mouth of the Nanticoke River are excellent places to fish for white perch this week. The perch are holding deep over hard bottom such as oyster beds. Bottom rigs baited with pieces of bloodworms tend to be the best way to reach them.

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Fishing Report

Trolling has been good in the lower Potomac River near Smith Point and the channel edge near St. Georges Island and Piney Point, and that sh...