Friday, November 6, 2020

Fishing Report

The Bay Bridge can be a great place to jig for striped bass holding near the bridge piers. The best action tends to be in the morning and evening hours on a moving tide. Jigs should be cast slightly up-current of the bridge piers and working past while jigging. The piers and the rock piles are also holding large white perch, and they can also be caught while jigging with small jigs on dropper rigs or by fishing with pieces of bloodworm on a bottom rig.  

A few of the most productive locations to troll along the shipping channel edges include the edge in front of the Gum Thickets south to Bloody Point, and then from Buoy 84A to Buoy 84. The outside edge of Hacketts, Thomas Point, and the shipping channel edge in front of Chesapeake Beach south to Parkers Creek are also good locations. Most anglers are pulling umbrella rigs with sassy shads or spoons on the umbrella arms with a spoon or bucktail as a trailer. All are being pulled behind heavy inline weights to get them down to about 25 feet. 

The shallow water striped bass fishery has been in full swing this week during the morning and evening hours. Topwater lures always provide plenty of fun surface explosions; jerkbaits and paddle tails are good choices also when waters are slightly deeper. The rocks around Poplar Island, Eastern Bay, and the shorelines of the lower Severn, Choptank, and West rivers are all great places to cast lures. 

The white perch have moved to the lower sections of the tidal rivers and tend to be holding over oyster bottom. Fishing with bottom rigs baited with pieces of bloodworm is the best way to catch them. Channel catfish can be found in the middle sections of the tidal rivers and can provide plenty of fun fishing. Cut bait, nightcrawlers, clam snouts, and chicken liver all work well as bait. 

The lower Potomac River tends to be the hot ticket right now. Anglers trolling near Piney Point down past St. George Island are catching some very nice striped bass over 20 inches in length. Umbrella rigs with enough inline weight to get them down to 25 feet are popular, rigged with spoons or sassy shads and using a bucktail or spoon as a trailer. Tandem rigged bucktails behind a planer are working well also. There is also some good trolling action for striped bass at Cornfield Harbor, the mouth of the Patuxent River and across the bay near the Target Ship and the channel edge between Buoys 72A and 72. 

Fishing for blue catfish in the tidal Potomac, Patuxent, and Nanticoke rivers has been excellent lately and will continue through the month. This is a great time to stock up one’s freezer with nice fillets. Fresh cut bait is by far the best choice for bait, but in a pinch clam snouts can work well. 

Fishing for white perch is good in the lower sections of the region’s tidal rivers. The perch tend to be deep and the best way to get to them is a bottom rig baited with pieces of bloodworm. 

Those heading out for one more chance for some fresh blue crabs are doing well in many of the tidal rivers. Water temperatures in the tidal rivers are running about 55 degrees. The crabs tend to be found in about 12 feet to 15 feet of water and most crabbers are reporting close to a full bushel or more per outing. Chicken necks work well as the standard bait but razor clams are held in high esteem by the most serious crabbers. 

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Fishing Report

Trolling has been good in the lower Potomac River near Smith Point and the channel edge near St. Georges Island and Piney Point, and that sh...